Easy, Elegant and Pretty Handmade Birthday Card

Making handmade cards for men is always thought to include stickers and die-cuts shaped in weird shapes like tools, trucks and gizmos. Give me a break! Just because it’s a man you are making a card for does not mean you have to make the card look like the front of a hardware shop. It’s their birthday and whoever said men don’t appreciate beauty!? Well, some of you might agree with me and some wont, but anyways, how do you like this card I made for my BIL?

The brown card stock gives it a rich feel and the pretty blue contrasts so beautifully. The daisies give it a touch of daintiness without being overbearing. All in all, it looks like a cheerful, no-nonsense card. The card is on its way to my BIL who is in London and I hope he likes it.

And that reminds me – I should soon send out Nat’s Easter card for she too is in the UK and I don’t want to be late.