Olympic Medals – DIY Clay Craft Idea

DIY Olympic Medals - made with 'Clay' Dough

The Olympics fever is running high in our household and my little daughter is eyeing all those Gold Medals being awarded at the London Olympics pretty greedily. I thought it would be great to give her some to play with – fake ones, of course! So, I had a lovely afternoon making these ‘dough’ medallion set for her yesterday.

DIY Olympic Medals - made with 'Clay' Dough

What you will need:

  1. Baker’s Clay (I Used This)- Find Recipe Here or Crafting Clay or Play-Doh or Any other Dough that you use to make ornaments like Salt Dough
  2. Various icing tips (nozzles), skewers and small cookie cutters for decorating the medals
  3. A Drinking Straw for the Hole at Top
  4. Paints in Gold, Silver and Bronze
  5. Satin Ribbon to Slip the Pendants into

How to:

1. Mix together your baker’s clay or salt dough or whatever you chose to use for this project.

2. Roll out the dough and cut 3 circles using a glass or other object.

3. Gather your Decorating tools. These were mine – a set of Wilton’s icing tips, small cookie cutters in various shapes (you will need only 3 different shapes but I like to gather all the stuff I have – gives me more ideas), a skewer (which I don’t think was very useful) and a drinking straw.

4. First, use the drinking straw to make a hole at the top of all 3 dough circles. Don’t forget this step. If you dry/bake the medals without doing this, you will have no place to pass your ribbon through.

5. Choose a cookie cutter shape to start designing each medal. It is a good idea to use 3 different shapes since we want the medals to look different from each other. Here is an example of how I made the basic design on each medal by pressing the cookie cutters halfway into the medallion circles.

6. From here, you can spend as much time trying out different designs. Here are some examples of the type of designs produced by some of the icing tips. I did the edges first. Remember not to press down the tips all the way through or too far. You don’t want gaps in your medals. You only want some impressions.

7. I made 5 circles inside each design to represent the 5 Olympics Rings. Ok, mine aren’t entwined, but so what!

8. As much as I am a fan of drying clay ornaments, it has been raining heavily here for the past few days and there was no chance of the medals drying out. So, I had to bake. Here they are ready to go inside the oven. Bake for 1/2 an hour to 1 hour depending upon which clay recipe you are using. With baking, there is always a risk of a little puffing up and browning so dry, if you have the time (and some sun!).

9. As I said, baking always has the risk of puffing up the ornaments, that is exactly what happened and I was so busy trying to rectify it (which did not work) that I forgot to take a picture of them as they came out of the oven. Just so you know, they were somewhat browned (which is ok since we will paint them), hard and one of them was very puffed!

10. As they dry, gather your painting materials. Gold, Silver and Bronze (mine is more like a Coppertone Bronze) – all set to go.

11. Paint your medallions and let them dry. Notice the bronze one is puffed up. Doesn’t really matter but if you are making these for kids, you know how fussy they are. I painted the puffed one brown, because I know they are all going to go for the golds and silvers first.

12. When dry, insert your ribbon through the holes and tie them at desired length. There – you are done!

The finished medallions