Ideas for Displaying Christmas Wreaths

Ideas for Displaying Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for hanging on the doors. Get some ideas on how to use your wreaths to their fullest by displaying them in creative ways around the house.

1. Hang it up as a welcome wreath on the entrance door.
2. Hang it on any door in your house.
3. hang it vertically on any available wall.
4. Rest it vertically on your mantle and complete the mantlescape by adding a few candles.
5. Use miniature wreaths in place settings to set soup and porridge bowls upon.
6. Use miniature wreaths horizontally to stand your thick pillar candles on. Add a sprig of holly to complete the look.
7. Add mistletoe to your wreath and use it as a ‘kissing ring’.
8. Smaller, lighter wreaths can be hung on mirros and bedposts.
9. Wreaths made with scented, dried flowers can be used in place of potpourri. Dried Lavender and Rose Wreaths are fine examples of this.
10. An elegant wreath encircling candles make a simple, yet attractive table centerpiece. Set the wreath, candles and other decorations that go with is, on a tray to avoid messing up the table.

Your imagination and creativity will give you many more ideas for using and displaying wreaths.

Displaying one wreath on double front doors

A note for those making door wreaths. If you have a single front door, use a wire or straw wreath form in the size you prefer. If your home has double front doors and you want the effect of a single wreath that divides that at the center, use a plastic wreath form filled with florist foam and get it cut into two equal halves. Attach plant material to each half and attach each wreath half to each of the double doors. Use wire to suspend it from nails and also wire the bottom of each piece to the door knob to keep it stationery. The wreath will give the illusion of a single wreath without posing any problems when opening the door.

As a sidenote, I would like to mention that two smaller wreaths on each of the double doors also look extremely pretty.