Beautiful Animated Screensavers

I was searching for animated screensavers to keep my little baby amused and my search led me to The site has beautifully animated screensavers with breathtaking scenes.

Free Membership at Freeze

The site requires you to register for free after which you can download the free versions of their screensavers. Some of the ones I downloaded were a fairy forest (with tiny fairies flying in an enchanting forest), a cabin by the lake (a serene lake scene with ducks, birds etc.) and some others. The free versions just could not satisfy me. So I went in for their paid membership plan.

Paid Premium Membership for Full Versions of Screensavers

Freeze has a premier membership option which requires you to pay $29.50 for a one-year membership. During the time of your membership you are free to download all their screensavers – the full versions of course. I made the payment through credit card and got immediate access to the full downloads.

If you are looking for the BEST animated screensavers, don’t go anywhere else. I spent the whole day looking for them and decided that none of the sites had anything that could compare to the beautiful animations of Freeze’s screensavers.