Victoria Magazine is Back

It was a pleasant surprise to see Victoria magazine on the magazine stands. It is a dainty old magazine and anyone with a flair for all things charming, feminine and old-fashioned will easily fall in love with it.

As for myself, I shared a strange relationship with this magazine. I loved this magazine and still, somehow found it lacking in something. But I also could not stop gazing at each beautifully laid out page for hours. And the new magazine – well, the photos are still great but maybe a little less than the original magazine. But the ‘something lacking’ has been reduced considerably! There is lots more in terms of real content and more tips and ideas as opposed to just breathtaking ‘finds’ and ‘purchases’ to ogle at.

They have come back since Christmas 2007 with bi-monthly issues. The Christmas issue has a Christmas tree on the cover making the magazine look very festive. The second issue is a beautiful arrangement of pretty things in white and looks devoted to the beauty of winter season. I am yet to browse through but it looks very promising and as I always think of it – Charming.