White House Fashions – Michelle Obama’s Fashion Statements

I have been pleased with Michelle Obama’s sense of sophisticated fashion throughout the Obama campaign. If I leave out the two inauguration dresses, most of it has been what I can myself wear. Add to it her perfectly set bob hairstyle and you will see that she definitely looks her part as a young First Lady who likes to dress up well. More reasons why I can identify with her are that she is seen in public with her daughters (which is a rare thing indeed) and shares my passion of dressing up daughters. All in all, they seem to be one loving and good looking first family.

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama

People all over are commending her efforts with regards to her looks that have helped her become much more agreeable to Christian Americans. Being the first African-American First Lady does, no doubt, come with its own set of issues to be handled and the lady certainly seems to be doing very well in this matter. But more than her dresses or her hairstyle, it is how well she carries herself and with a gentle, subdued and dignified way that has helped her make her way into the hearts of everyone. And that actually goes for Barack Obama as well. The couple look so down-to-earth you wouldn’t know who they are except for the fact that they are today the most popular couple in the world.

Michelle Obama

Michelle’s simple yet chic dresses, her classy overcoats seen throughout fall and winter and her keen sense of color and cuts have resulted in her being compared to the fashionable First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Although one should not ‘compare‘ them, for they are worlds (and styles) apart, Obama does stand a close second when it comes to listing First Ladies in order of how fashionable they were or are.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's Inaugral GownI was initially disappointed with Michelle’s Obama’s choice for her dress on the inauguration day and even more with her gala ball gown later that night. There was nothing wrong with the dresses in themselves. It was just the sparkly look of the day dress and the entire silhouette and cut of the evening gown did not agree with me. You can see the dresses and their details more clearly in the article we did on her at Dot Com Women. It was not something I would have picked for myself or for her if I had a chance to do so. But I soon did away with all the said disappointment when I saw her usual countenance – her smart and chic profile to which her bob only adds to. I am glad to not be in the shoes of those ‘celebrity fashion bloggers’ who have to write nasty things about people whose fashion styles do not agree with their own. My approach is more that of any human being which allows for differences in individual tastes and styles. There certainly can be more than one ways of dressing up and looking good. Besides, the world would look dreary if everybody dressed like me! And so, in my opinion, the first lady, in her own sophisticated style, looked resplendent and glowing with happiness on that important day even in those two dresses that I can never rave about.

And I am looking forward to see more of her style statements as the First Lady and certainly intend to keep track of them. Seldom do we find such well-dressed women to look up to, who are also a balance of grace, motherhood and everything ladylike.