Easy, DIY Angry Birds Playable Birthday Cake

Here’s a very simple way to make a ‘Playable’ Angry Birds Cake. I did for my daughter’s 6th birthday. It is pretty simple as I was looking for a cake that did not exhaust me since I had a newborn to take care of.

Step 1. Preparing a Long Base

Create a long rectangular cake base. I baked a total of 3 rectangular cakes and made 2 layers using 1+1/2 cakes for each layer as seen in the image below.

 Preparing a long rectangle sheet cake

This was he first layer. I moistened it with pineapple juice (reserved from the can) and spread cream frosting on this. Then, I topped with another 1+1/2 cake. I got so caught up working on it, I forgot to take pictures. But I am sure you get the general idea. The 1+1/2 was only to increase the length of the cake.

Step 2. Angry Birds Cake Topper

I made the ‘Pigs’ using homemade rolled fondant tinted green. The rest of the birds and the slingshot came from this game purchased on eBay that we also gave as party favors.

Angry Birds Game Cake Toppers

Step 3. Decorating the Cake

Frost the prepared cake in green. Place chocolate bars to create the logs. Do not press them down into the cake or they won’t fall off when hit with the slingshot. Instead, just fix them on the surface with a dab of buttercream frosting. Place green fondant ‘pigs’ in different positions. A small square block of brown fondant was used to create the TNT boxes.

DIY, Playable, Easy Angry Birds Birthday Cake

Finally, fix the slingshot firmly at the top end of the cake and place the birds in a line, waiting for their turn.

Step 4: Play, Don’t Cut!

The birthday girl was told that she could only get a piece of her cake after she toppled at least something on the ‘cake game’. Once she was done, the logs were put back together and the other kids took turns playing the ‘Angry Birds’ game on the cake.

Playable Angry Birds Cake

This was the first party where the kids wanted to delay cutting the cake for as long as we allowed them to!