Of Summer Vegetables, Recipes and Stylish Aprons

Summer is a lovely time to cook and entertain. The freshest of ingredients make everything mouth-watering and make me want to invite guests over. And my love for collecting pretty aprons has all but turned into a hobby. Not sure how the two are related?


Sheath Style Apron and Matching Tea Towel

Well, we are having a contest at Dot Com Women! Yes, after a long hiatus, we are back with an awesome contest. And it took some very stylish aprons from ‘The Hip Hostess’ to convince me that we must, indeed, put them up for grabs for the creative women who visit http://www.DotComWomen.com.

So, you can log on to Contest Page and send in your own recipe to win one of these gorgeous aprons and a matching tea towel along with other summer entertaining themed prizes. And while we are at it, don’t forget to check out the rest of the beautiful aprons from http://www.thehiphostess.com.