Roasted Corn & Pepper Salsa with Homemade Corn Chips

Roasted Corn & Pepper Salsa with Homemade Corn/Nacho Chips

Salsa and Chips are a favorite TV food of mine and I just finished making some for this evening. Instead of the regular cooked salsa, I tried the roasted kind and made my own corn chips too – from scratch – no readymade tortillas involved. The veggies – tomatoes, red pepper, yellow pepper, jalapeno pepper, corn, onion and garlic were all wrapped separately in foil and baked for about 40-50 min and then chopped and mixed together (juices included) with salt and lime juice.

For the homemade corn chips, cornmeal and whole wheat flour are mixed to make corn tortillas which are then cut into wedges and deep fried.