Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Creative Easter Egg Hunt IdeasAre your kids (and you) bored of the same old Easter egg hunts year after year? Spark some creativity in this year’s egg hunt with these ideas from my website devoted completely to Easter –– and some from

15 Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

A spider web treasure hunt? Secret Notes? Color Coded Eggs? Make your egg hunts unique with these superb ideas.

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Older Kids

Give your tweens and teens something different this year. Get creative with Easter necklaces, coupons, Easter story messages and more ideas.

Interesting Ways to Write Egg Hunt Clues

Stuck on how to write the clues? Get some interesting ideas.

Egg Themed Party Games

Eggs are not just for egg hunts. Plan some ‘eggy’ games this Easter

Church Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Creative ideas to combine the story of Easter into your Church Egg Hunts.

Interesting Home/Apartment Egg Hunt Ideas

Living in an apartment does not mean a boring egg hunt. Here are some cool ideas for indoor and small space egg hunts!

easter-egg-hunt-cupcakesThe Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

A step-by-step guide to planning the perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunts in Inclement Weather

Know what to do if you wake up to rain?

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes

Let cupcakes lead the way to your Easter egg hunt!