Elegant Black and White Gift Wrap

Black and White is a classic color combination that looks good everywhere no matter how it is used. Using this combination for wrapping gifts looked like a great idea and once I started dabbling around, the results pleased me. Black and White wrapping paper looks very chic and elegant.


Make your own Black & White Gift Wrap

Making wrapping paper at home is an interesting craft activity and also a great way to save money by avoiding the extremely expensive gift wrap. I was making these designs with two goals in mind – they they be simple and easy to make, and that this be a frugal activity. These wrapping papers are made using craft paper and some basic supplies like white paint, a silver pen etc. You will not need an assortment of stamps and embellishments to make these. And which means that those who do not fall into the ‘avid crafters’ category will also find it easy to complete this project since it does not require any specialized techniques or supplies. I hope you enjoy making them and wrapping your gifts in these.

Dotted Stars Gift Wrap

Metallic Gift Wrap

Stenciled Stars Gift Wrap

B/W Striped Gift Wrap

B/W Stroked Gift Wrap