Handmade Easter Cards

Easter Basket Card

I love to participate in worldwide Easter card exchanges and prefer to send handmade cards – ones my kids can help making. Easter card ideas that are easy to make for little kids (from 2 years to 8 years) and interesting enough for me to try them, is what I have researched upon and I came up with quite a collection. For moms looking for handmade Easter cards that they can create along with their kids, here are the best of them all!

1. Colorful Striped Easter Eggs Card

And this one is for kids to make and share on Easter! The eggs are made by gluing strips of colored and patterned paper.

2. 3D Butterflies

For slightly advanced crafters, this card uses stamped butterflies and acetate sheets for the striking 3D effect.

3D Butterfly Card for Easter or Spring

3. Woven Ribbon Easter Card

Simple and easy card made using pastel colored satin ribbons.

Ribbon Easter Card – Easter Card-Making Project for Kids

4. Religious Cross and Daffodils

Here’s a card I really enjoyed making. The kids handled the ‘cross’ and I enjoyed doing the ‘stamping’ and cutting out bit.

Cross and Daffodils Card

5. Easter Basket Card

Let kids decorate the ‘eggs’ while you work on the basket.

Easter Basket Card

6. Pop Up Easter Chick

With your help, kids will love to create this honeycomb style pop-up Easter chick card. The instructions are in French and you will need Google’s ‘Translate’ tool to read them. The images accompanying the instructions are also very helpful.


7. Pom Pom Chicks Card

Cute little chicks made with yellow pom poms look pretty on a green card blank.

Pom Pom Chicks Card

Pom Pom Chicks Card

8. Embroidered Easter Egg Card

Easy stitches that any kid would love to accomplish – under your supervision, of course.


9. Easter Egg Card

Here is a card I made for my friend Nat who stays in the UK. My daughter made almost all of it. Cutting out a few basic shapes from patterned and colored paper is all that is required.

Green and Blue Easter Egg Card