Handmade Saint Patrick’s Day Cards

Shamrocks, shamrocks everywhere! These easy cards took me just about 15 minutes to make and did not require a hoard of crafting supplies to make. Click on the cards for instructions:


Little Shamrocks Card - Handmade St. Patrick's Day Card

Your Valentine’s Day heart punch comes to use here. Punch out little green hearts and glue together 3 or 4 to make shamrocks. Easy!

Lucky Shamrock Card - Handmade St. Patrick's Day Card

Same way of making the shamrock, but the only difference is that 3 heart cutouts are used since this is a large shamrock. I usually have an assortment of basic shapes in different color but I ran out of green heart shapes and hence had to use poster color to make white heart die-cuts green. Again, when searching in my sewing box for matching floss or yarn to use, I could find none to match the exact color. So the poster colors came to my rescue again. I trimmed the yarn and then painted it with the same color.