Google Plus Hangout Timings for Your Time Zone

Google Hangout Timings for Your Time Zone

I am still getting the hang of it, but loving Google Plus so far. If you are as lost as me, you might like to read a few tips on my blog that I keep writing from my own experiences at G+ as I discover new features. Here’s how you find what time the hangout will take place in your time zone without using a time zone converting website (or Google search).

If you are logged in and are invited to a Google Plus hangout. Just click on ‘View Invitation’ to go the hangout invitation page. Then, look right under the title of the hangout. Google Plus figures out your time zone and does the calculation for you.

Google Hangout Timings for Your Time Zone

Google Plus does your work for you.

Like the hangout in the image above is going to take place 12.30 A.M to 1.15 A.M in the night where I am. Hence the ‘maybe’ – I’ll be there if I manage to stay up!

If you are using Google Calendar (and you should!), you can check with it to see if you have any other events lined up. If you choose to accept to go to a particular hangout, it will automatically get added to your calendar. You will also get a reminder at your registered your registered email, prior to the event/hangout.