Make Money Posting in Forums!

Yes! You can now make money simply by posting in different forums online. Forums, also called Message Boards or Bulletin Boards, are places where groups of people of similar interests interact online. And the latest craze sweeping the internet is forum-owners paying people to post on their forums. Webmasters are busy cranking out forums and websites with forums, but it is really difficult getting things going because forums succeed only when people actively participate in discussions. So, webmasters have come up with this new idea of paying for forum posts.

Now why would they do that? Forums are created to earn from the traffic they generate or to increase chances of sale of products and services. Paying people to post on forums sounds absurd, isn’t it? Not exactly. Forum-owners realize the potential of their own forums and the kind of money they can make once the forums become successful and hence, do not hesitate in initially hiring paid posters to ‘get things started’ in new forums and ‘stir things up’ in old forums. Once the forums get really successfull, they are sure to reap high profits. Although I myself don’t like the idea of hiring paid posters on any of my forums, it seems like a nice, unique business development idea.

Whether or not, it is profitable to hire paid posters is better left to the owners of these forums. But those looking for earning with their computers and internet connections are sure to benefit from this. Though there is not BIG money to be earned, you can earn a part-time income if you do this dedicatedly. It is really very easy. You just have to mingle around, write new posts, reply to posts by others and you get paid for doing that. Some forum-owners pay equal amounts for all posts whereas some pay more for starting a new post and a little less for replying to posts. Rates range anywhere from $0.05 to $0.10.

If this interests you, you will want to know how to find forums that will pay you for your posts. You will find many posts in the ‘Want Services’or ‘Hiring Now’ sections of Webmaster forums. Here are some to get you started:

SitePoint Forums’ ‘Looking to Hire’ forum

Search Engine Forums ‘I Need Some Paid Help’ forum

DigitalPoint Forums ‘ Buy Sell Services’ forum

There are even websites that function as ‘marketplaces’ and organize the process of hiring posters (yes, some really smart people have already thought of that!). You need to sign up with them and they will give you posting jobs which they contract from forum-owners. Of course they will pay you a little less, but then you won’t need to lookout for forums individually. Some such websites are:

Whether the trend of hiring forum posters is still in its infancy and will develop further or it will fade away quickly is not known to anyone, but while it is ‘in’, make good use of this opportunity!