Helping my baby to learn to sit and roll

It was time I took a little vacation. So I packed my My baby Sanika with my Mombags (and my baby’s too – her’s was the larger one!) and my computer and hubby dropped me to my Ma’s place who lives in the same town.

You would think Sanika (my sweet little 6 month-old daughter) and her granny are the greatest buddies in the whole wide world when you see them laughing, playing, talking and enjoying themselves together. And Grandma took care to start teaching her some new things which Sanika found, to her great pleasure – FUN & EASY!

Aiding Baby to learn to Sit on her own

Helping Sanika learn to sit by putting her in a plastic tubFirst of all, her Grandma took care that Sanika spent most of her time on the floor. ‘That will give her arms, legs and back more physical strength’, she told me. This will form the basis of the process of turning to sides and rolling over.

Next, she tried to make Sanika sit as much as possible, in a TUB – that’s right, a plastic Tub. She would place Sanika in the tub and then stuff the empty space in the tub with a small quilt or a blanket (just like you would use fillers to stuff a box containing a fragile item…lol). This will, as is apparent, form the basis of her sitting without support.