My baby has begun to Roll as well as Sit without support!

I was a little worried when my baby did not roll in the 4th and 5th months. You know how confusing you feel when dozens of people ask you the same question – “Hasn’t she begun to turn on her front yet?” Or “hasn’t she begun to roll yet? It’s about time she does.”

I dismissed the worries (though, not completely) after reading in several books and websites that every child shows different levels of progress at a given age. After all, she is already sitting with my support and that feels lovely enough!

But today, on the 7th of March, (she is six months old now) she rolled on to her front on her own. I had heard that babies learn to roll on their fronts and then don’t know how to turn to their back again. But within half an hour, Sanika turned to her back again!

Now there’s no stopping her. She rolls till the end of the bed and back again. I have pillows and blankets mounted on top of each other on the sides of the bed and don’t leave her alone for long. Anybody got any better ideas to keep her from rolling off the bed?

She has also begun to sit without support! It was joy and such a comfort as well. Now she spends a lot of time playing with her toys sitting all by herself and I can concentrate more on my work. And she loves to sit. Given a choice between sitting and lying down, she always prefers to sit and play.

My baby Sanika sitting without support, playing with her toys. Seen in the photo are some of her favorite toys and her red toy basket.