Of Lemons, Scrubbing, Waxed and Unwaxed


Many recipes call for scrubbed lemons. What exactly are they referring to? I will explain in simple terms what it means to scrub a lemon and if it is … [Continue reading]

Google Plus Hangout Timings for Your Time Zone

Google Hangout Timings for Your Time Zone

I am still getting the hang of it, but loving Google Plus so far. If you are as lost as me, you might like to read a few tips on my blog that I keep … [Continue reading]

Egg Free Chocolate Walnut Cake

Chocolate Walnut Cake Slices

There is something so comforting about the classic, un-pretentious, homemade chocolate cake that I would, at any given time, trade a fancy plate of … [Continue reading]

Vegetable Au Gratin

Vegetable Au Gratin

'Vegetable Au Gratin' is a dish of French origins where assorted vegetables are mixed with white sauce and topped with butter, cheese and bread … [Continue reading]

Perk Up Your Brown Paper Gift Wrap

Brown Paper Gift Wrap

Make your plain brown paper gift wrap interesting by embellishing it with scraps found in your craft drawer. Here are a couple of creative ideas to … [Continue reading]