Baby Boys Pee all around during Diaper changes!

You’d think you have seen it all if you are a second time mommy. Apparently not, if you have had a girl the first time around. I had the shock of my life when my little boy sent out a shower during his diaper change drenching his daddy! My little girl did pee during diaper changes, but that was occasional and almost always neatly done on the area of the diaper unlike my boy. The next time, it was all over himself – clothes and face! We had to rush with washcloths and whatever else we could lay our hands on to keep the pee from going into his eyes. And every other time when it is not on himself or whoever is changing the diaper, it has to be out of the bounds of whatever waterproof area he is lying on. It almost seems like a definite conspiracy against all your desperate diapering and waterproofing attempts. It was the last straw when DH was changing his diaper, Sam was peeing in an arc-like motion and I was trying to block the pee with my washcloth going in a similar motion. Whew! I would be great as a goal-keeper!

For a few days, I went through the ‘Is it just me?’ phase. I was feeling completely silly typing it into Google and wondering if I should erase the history lest DH chanced to see it. But the results brought in a lot of relief! I was not alone here! So here’s what I found – Boys do pee a lot more than girls anyways. And they tend to do it between diaper changes because of the sudden temperature change. Changing diapers in a warm place could be one way to avoid it. Another way mentioned was to keep a fresh diaper before removing the dirty one. But this doesn’t seem to work for me as there is no guarantee that the baby will pee on it. Like I said, the pee is everywhere!

So what has worked for me?  I keep a folded washcloth over there while I change the diaper. Do it everytime without fail and you will sail through the heavy-wetting days with considerable ease.