The Tooth Fairy Visit – A Mom’s rant!

As soon as the 5th birthday celebration frenzy was over, I started anticipating my dear daughter’s precious moment of losing her first tooth. Did I mention I like to plan ahead? Yes, it did backfire with her birthday this year but I knew I wasn’t going to go wrong this year. DD is an ardent fan of everything ‘fairies’ and has been checking her teeth for months to see if they had loosened up. I had an idea that teeth can start falling from the age of 5 and a half. Now, DD was eagerly awaiting for her chance to have the Tooth Fairy turn her tooth into a gold coin as she had seen in many cartoon programmes and I wanted to be ready for it. I knew everyday currency coins would not work since she had anticipated ‘gold’ coins. So, I hunted down a wonderful website that sells ‘Fairy Gold’:

Tooth Fairy Coin

The coins looked wonderful and were everything that I hoped my spoilt angel would love. I placed an order right away. Since her 5th birthday was barely past, I did not bother to pay exhorbitantly for the rush delivery charges and bought my pouch of 20 coins for a price of $24 and shipping of about $5. I was really pleased with myself on thinking ahead this time and was waiting excitedly for the tooth fairy visit complete with a trail of fairy dust from the window to the pillow etc. As luck would have it, no sooner that I placed the order, that my daughter came back from school triumphantly and proudly displaying her now loosened tooth! I tried to show how happy and excited I was about it but completely failed. What if the tooth fell before the coins arrived?

The next day my daughter did all her best to keep moving her tooth using her tongue and make the tooth fall and I tried my best to prevent it! Completely desperate, I tried to search online to get an idea how long it usually took a loose tooth to fall. The answer greatly relieved me. It took mostly a week and sometimes even a month! I was confident (or trying to feel that way) that the coins would arrive within 4-5 days. The next day, the Tooth Fairy Coins website even sent me a notification that my coins were shipped. I had my fingers crossed that they would arrive in good time. Meanwhile, my daughter could not keep herself from trying to pry her tooth loose and DH kept giving me awkward glances as I kept brewing up storms everytime she as much as looked at the tooth in the mirror. So much for her excitement over loosing her first tooth! Ah…if only the coins arrived first.

Well, that was not meant to be. The next day, as the coins were somewhere on their way to our home, my daughter proudly presented me with her first fallen tooth as I picked her from school. I don’t think any words can ever do justice to what my feelings were at the moment. I tried to appear pleased and excited but was actually, very desperately trying to think a way out of this so as to not break her faith in the entire tooth fairy legend. Well, I finally thought of a way out. I quick call to my husband to consult his views on this very important issue got me his approval for the plan and we decided to commemorate our little princess’s first tooth fall by buying an insanely expensive real gold coin (the only excuse here is that some money got saved for her future.

Come bedtime, Sanika diligently put her prized tooth below her pillow and went to sleep much easily than on any other day. In the wee hours of the next morning, I replaced the tooth with the gold coin and used craft glitter to draw a  trail from the window to her pillow. It worked like magic and we were rewarded with the happiest outburst we had ever seen (after she saw her Toy Story action figures last month on her birthday. She could not stop telling everyone she met about how her tooth fairy had left her a gold coin for her tooth and it was definitely for real because the fairy dust was there to prove it!

Oh, as for the tooth fairy coins, they arrived a day later and I am (not so) patiently waiting for her next tooth to fall so I can start giving her those. As luck is used to having her own way when it comes to parenting, there does not seem much to comfort me and there is no sign of any more teeth falling off right away.