DIY Ruffled Pink Apron for my 7 Year Old’s Cupcake Party

Pink Tiered Ruffled Apron for Little Girls

Heard about the saying – Boys will always be boys – only the toys get more expensive? Or something like that? Well, here’s what I have to say – Girls will be girls – only their daughters become their dolls! Lol. How we love to dress up our little daughters!

Here’s a pretty pink tiered apron in vintage/Shabby Chic prints, that my daughter wore for her 7th birthday party which was a Cupcake Decorating Party.

Pink Tiered Ruffled Apron for Little Girls

It is strongly an Etsy-inspired apron. Etsy is my favorite place to shop online but international shipping times pose a lot of constraints. So, I gathered a few of the best aprons I loved on Etsy and got it made from a talented friend of mine locally. A plain pink fabric was used for the base. The printed fabric bundle was used for creating the ruffled tiers and a fabric rose attached at the top left. (I got so caught up helping kids decorate their cupcakes that there are no pictures of Sanika wearing her apron except close-ups which do not show the apron details!).

But that’s not saying Etsy did not come in anywhere except for inspiring this design. The lovely fabric used is from a set of Shabby Chic Rose print fat quarter pack bought from one of my favorite stores on Etsy – Auntie’s Jammies. I don’t think the shop sells fabric anymore, but all the stuff they have is so whimsical and girly!

You can read about the other details from the party here  – mainly the table decoration in pinks and blues and the cupcake wrapper crafts.