Fifi and the Flowertots Invitation Idea

DIY Fifi and the Flowertots Birthday Card Front

My DIY ‘Fifi and the Flowertots’ themed invitation card for my daughter’s first birthday was one requiring computer graphic skills. Here’s the idea!

When my daughter turned 1, they used to air ‘Fifi and the Flowertots’ on our TVs. Fifi and the Flowertots is a British cartoon series and girls will easily fall in love with her as did my little one. We planned her first birthday around this theme and here is the invitation I created using my favorite graphic editing program – Paint Shop Pro.

DIY Fifi and the Flowertots Birthday Card Front

Guess which Flowertot is Turning ONE?

I used the image of Fifi’s watering can house for the backdrop and placed all the characters in front of it. I, then, substituted Fifi’s face with my daughter’s to make her one of the Flowertots. Guests needed no time to guess which flowertot was turning one!

You can use any graphic program like Adobe Photoshop etc. to create this card. You can also use this idea for many other themes. A Snowman themed winter party, for example, can have many snowmen with one being the birthday child. Or a cartoon series with a group of characters like the Transformers, Powerpuff Girls etc.

Here’s the inside top of the card.

DIY Fifi and the Flowertots Birthday Card Inside

1st Birthday Invitation Wording

I modified some very popular 1st birthday invitation wording to include ‘Fifi and the Flowertots’. You can modify them for any theme.

Our Little Flowertot _________,
will soon be turning ONE!
have come to join the fun.

There will be cake, candies
and ice-cream too,
All we need to celebrate
is just YOU!

The inside-bottom contained the party venue, RSVP and other details.