Sanika’s Cinderella Themed 5th Birthday Party

On September 12, our princess Sanika turned 5 and chose to have a Cinderella themed party. Here are pictures of the party, games, activities and decorations:

Cinderella costume for Sanika’s 5th Birthday

Sanika with Dev

Sanika dressed up as Cinderella

Crowns for Boys and Tiaras for Girls at a Princess themed party

I got crowns for the boys and light-up tiaras for the girls. The castle I made is not very clearly visible here but made for a nice decoration.

Boys at a Cinderella Party

Boys get crowns and sword at Sanika’s Princess party

Boys got golden crowns and some won swords as prizes and were not at all bored at a girly Princess party. We had boys of ages 1 to 9.

Cinderella party games - Treasure Tower

The kids all enjoyed playing treasure Tower. Everyone got a chance to spin the arrow, pull a tab and collect the goodies that fell down. A wonderful option to the pinata where the older kids end up grabbing most of the loot and the younger ones are left feeling let down. I filled the tower with small prizes like erasers, mini color pens, candy etc. The kids enjoyed it so much they wanted me to refill the tower and play it again! I bought the game on eBay with most of the other stuff.

Cinderella party games - Matching game

The next game was a matching game. I purchased a Princess fold and mix-match game off eBay and cut up each princess into 3 parts along the scored fold-up line. The children all got 1 minute to match the face, body and feet of the princesses and form as many princesses as they could. They loved playing it.

Cinderella party games - Glass slipper hunt

We hid two dozen glass slippers, purchased from a wedding favors store, around the party area and asked the kids to find them. The guests could redeem each slipper for a small prize.

Cinderella party games - Bingo

The last game was a Cinderella themed Bingo game with characters from the movie on the tickets and flash cards. Kids love and love this game and I have this every year just changing the characters according to the theme.

Cinderella Cake

Children enjoying cupcakes at Cinderella party

Kids enjoyed seeing the lovely Cinderella cake with the castle topper and the plastic coach with Cinderella (a molded candle) leaving  her tiny slipper on the stairs leading from the castle. The cupcakes were iced light blue with with sugar flowers in the center.

Party favors for Cinderella Party

Party Favors were Disney princess activity mats for the girls and younger boys and handheld video games for the older boys.