Sending Paper Cards Online

When you have friends or family living in another country and you are a slightly forgetful and a very busy mommy of 2, you are sure to have been in my shoes. My SIL is in London and her birthday is just 3 days away. It is only when my 5 year old changed the page of our wall-calendar (something she takes a great delight in and does without fail on the first of every month) that I realized that it was March already and there was no way I could something in snail mail. Now, the two of us being very close, an eCard would simply not do! So, I did what I do every time I get stuck with a problem. I got into my ‘Dot Com Women’ spirit and looked for a solution online.

I did remember my friend Sandra Morgan sending me cards with a service called ‘Send Out Cards’. I was hoping they had something like that in the UK too. And well, they do! I found two impressive websites, although there might be many more:

Send a Card – a nice website with some really classy cards, but not really the cutsie cards that I was looking for.

Hallmark UK – The grand daddy of greeting cards itself! I found everything I needed there. Cute cards for my SIL, painted masculine cards for my BIL (whose birthday follows shortly) and a lovey-dovey card for their first anniversary which follows in a week.

Hallmark UK website

Lovely selection of cards on the Hallmark UK website

All the cards I chose had editable names right on the front of the card. The website has an easy editor to edit every card with your names and messages. I am badly hoping seeing their names printed right onto the card front makes up in some way for not receiving a hand-written card which is irreplaceable! Which reminds me that I should mention that you can personalize the cards and get them sent to yourself and then hand-write or hand-deliver them. Giving such pretty cards personalized with the names of the receivers and appropriate text for any occasion would make the card so special!

Coming back to my cards, they got shipped out the next day and I am hoping they are received in time. All in all, a lovely experience shopping online at Hallmark UK.

Post Update: The cards reached in record time and were a great hit!!