Unique Gifts for Men for Valentine’s Day – Etsy Finds

When I need something really special and unique for my husband, I start scouring Etsy. That is the one place that never fails me for one-of-a-kind gifts for my man. Here are some really unique and creative gifts I came across. They can easily be gifted to those ‘hard to buy for’ men who seem to have it all.

1. Digital Soaps

Geeky soaps!! Yes, that’s what the shop sells. Soaps in the shape of your man’s favorite gizmo. From Playstation, Gameboy and Xbox remotes to replicas of game cartridges, they have very finely crafted soaps that match the real thing.

Visit Digital Soaps shop on Etsy.com.

2. Personalized Leather Key Fobs

Every guy out there would love to own a key chain with his personalized details on it. Leathe Made Nice, a Canadian shop does just that for you. You can choose the color of the leather, the text to be written, the designs and logos to be imprinted and more.

Visit Leather Made Nice on Etsy.

3. Car Flash/USB Drives

That men love cars in a no-brainer. That they will love to store their favorite songs and other data in an adorable USB drive cast inside a toy model of their favorite car should also be a no-brainer methinks! Choose from your man’s favorite classic car and get him a flash drive from the Florida based Coast to Coast Deals on Etsy.com.

Visit Coast2CoastDeals on Etsy.

4.  Decorative Steel Flasks

Taking the regular steel flasks up one level, DNA Creations from Los Angeles is selling some creatively designed stainless steel flasks. I love this Pachuco image very much, but there are many more to choose from.

Visit DNA Creations on Etsy.

5. Steampunk Cigarette/Card Cases

Steampunk designs are very popular with men and the Las Vegas based etsy shop Cosmic Firefly has out these designs to great use. They have used them on cigarette/credit card cases which makes them perfect gifts for men!

Visit Cosmic Firefly on Etsy.com and click on ‘Cigarette Cases’ to see all designs.