Bringing on 2009

Christmas 2008 and New Year 2009 – the two events I could hardly wait to celebrate. They were to be my first celebrations in the beautiful house of my dreams that got completed after about 2 years. But as luck would have it, nothing went the way I had planned. My MIL got seriously ill (had a recurring GI Bleed) on the 23rd and was hospitalized. I had all but started baking for Christmas when this happened. We remained with her till the 14th of January when she finally came back home after a series of endoscopies and angiographies. It was then time to think of our Christmas tree standing beautifully decked up (and unappreciated) and the stash of gifts lying beneath it (most of them for my daughter Sanika).

Things were better for Sanika though. Her annual preschool Christmas bonanza program at school had been postponed and had been rescheduled on the 13th of January. And between trips to the hospital and sending fresh juice for my now recovering MIL and other household chores, I had somehow managed to take Sanika to school everyday so that she did not miss out on the rehearsals and performed with her class at the function now christened ‘Fledgeling Fiesta’. She performed ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and really couldn’t make out the difference between a 25th December morn and a 13th January one. And we were glad she couldn’t for on the 15th of January, we decided that my MIL being come back to home now, my husband should take her directly from school to open her Christmas presents and I was to stay with my MIL as she couldn’t be left all alone yet. Here are pictures of Sanika’s school performance and her ‘gift-opening’ ceremony that took place a day later in her school uniform and a fresh wound on her knee.

Sanika opening Christmas Gifts Sanika with her Christmas presents

Sanika’s Preschool Concert - Jingle Bell Rock She can never rest till she poses for the camera!

Gone were my plans for a special dinner and loads of baked goodies, hot cocoa on the terrace – we did not even put out a wreath on the front door! Gone were my new year resolutions of launching new websites, updating my blog daily and writing a journal – I was without a computer for several days! And yet, on the 25th of December when the doctors pronounced my MIL safe and cured, I felt Christmas hadn’t been disappointing at all. On the 31st, she came home from the hospital (she was hospitalized again with the same complaint re-occuring within a week) and we were all relieved to have such a wonderful new year. The entire episode humbled me with regards to our expectations. We may plan as much or as little, there is certainly a thing such as fate that actually takes care of everything in our lives. And if one thing does go wrong, something else definitely comes up to make the day bright for you – albeit you might not see it in that light initially.

For now, as long as this episode is spoken of in the past tense, I am glad to acknowledge it as a very humbling and inspiring Christmas and New Year. I am resuming my work full-fledged from tomorrow and hoping that 2009 blesses us all with great health and good luck.

Happy New Year!