Happy Birthday – To Me!

Pink and Yellow Carnations - Flower Arrangement


What a lovely way to start your special day! Rohit knows just what his wife would love to do on her birthday. So, DH and my adorable daughter presented me with a bunch of my favorite flowers – Carnations – and I spent a lovely time arranging them in a simple, yet lovely fashion.

Starting with trimming the stem lengths, I took a different route to arranging them. Since the vase was slender enough to hold them beautifully without the need for floral foam or a frog, I first arranged the little posy in my hands mixing the gorgeous yellow and pink blossoms. Adding some ferns for greenery (not that much was required anyways), I slid the entire arrangement into the water-filled vase.

And there it lies on my table to make me happy all day. A classic example of how the simplest arrangements can be the sweetest. A lovely mix of color and healthy blooms can do away with the need for complex flower arranging methods, tools and a whole lot of time.