It’s a Woman’s World!

The women community on the web has a major role in my success. My entry into this world of computers and internet was nothing short of a miracle. I did not even know how to type using a keyboard. Thanks to my hubby (who was then my friend), I learned to type and started surfing around the web.

I stumbled upon cute little personal websites made on Geocities and got myself an account there. I did manage to pull a website together using their site builder (they have a very nice interface for building sites without HTML). I was very much intrigued by the pretty graphics used on other websites and tried to find some for my own site. To my dismay, I found out that none of the good-looking ones were for free. I had to either link back or purchase. So, I decided to try my hand at making my own graphics.

This is where the women’s groups come in. I joined several webgroups where women shared tips on making graphics. I experimented with Jasc’s Paint Shop Pro and soon fell in love with it! Most of my hours were spent playing around in PSP and creating graphics using tutorials or my own creativity and I soon became an expert with graphics.

I decided to turn this new hobby of mine, into a part-time home-business. I decided to make graphics, banners, website templates etc. and sell them. But where do I find people who would buy them? I was an absolute newbie on the web! The women’s community came to my rescue once again. I posted about my business in several women’s forums and groups and they gave me business. I soon earned money enough to start my first site – Elements Web Services

I will discuss that site in a different post later on. For now, let me continue by telling you that after a year, I decided to launch a women’s site based on my own interests and hobbies. ‘Dot Com Women’ was born and my trusted friends – the women’s communities – were quick to appreciate my creative efforts and rewarded me by turning my new website into a large online community.

Most of my other websites launched in the past couple of years, also revolve around women’s interests and in an effort to give something back to the online women community, I have recently launched ‘Mom Tycoons’ – a website full of my own success tips and business advice for women webmasters.

In the posts to follow, I will discuss in detail my experiences, successes and failures and vision for future businesses. Come join me on a wonderful rollercoaster of ideas and tips for a more successful and enriching personal and professional life.