The Bird is the Word

I am seriously still in the 90s when it comes to technology. It might sound strange coming from someone who has a chain of websites and earns completely online for a living, but it is true. Even all my websites are made on plain HTML and although I have made a few changes to make them more ‘in keeping with the times’, the bottom line still remains – “Don’t Fix Until Broken”. So, every year when I am ready to publish articles on the ‘latest’ and ‘hottest’ gift ideas for say Christmas or Father’s Day or even Valentine’s Day, I have to look to my husband (and my 6 year old too, these days) to help me nail down the techy type stuff. Only the other day my husband was telling me about how most of his friends did not even know what he meant when he mentioned ‘rooting his android touchpad’ and I looked at him like he was talking Greek and couldn’t wait to change the topic. I did Google it later and found out later what he was talking about. And anyways, I can always get back at him by confusing him with a ‘bain marie’ term thrown in when we are in the kitchen or how the French ‘Les’, ‘Le’ and ‘La’ are pronounced and used when he mis-pronounces them or start discussing brands, designers and shopping with him (that one is fool proof).

Moving on with the topic on hand, I recently (it’s okay to be shocked if you are not from my ‘Victoria’ reading fraternity) discovered ‘Angry Birds’. Until now, I was blissfully happy cruising (not racing, mind you) a Porsche amidst Alps and picturesque German villages in my old NFS (hubby’s new one does not interest me at all). Then, Angry Birds happened and now, I am addicted! It doesn’t matter if I was the last to join the bandwagon (my 6 year old daughter was ahead of me) – I am completely in love with it. For more of my type, Angry Birds is a game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile, in which players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs as they have made way with the birds’ eggs! The game was originally developed for iPhone, but is now available for download to play on your PC or even to play online through Google ‘Chrome’ (Google’s new browser like Firefox and Internet Explorer).

I am hooked to the game and it is a constant struggle to get my daughter leave my laptop so I can get my chance. She then runs off to get Daddy off his laptop so she can begin there. And if all this game-craze was not enough, she now wants an Angry Birds theme birthday party too! I was not sure she would be able to do without a dress up on her birthday because so far, her birthday dress is always the costume of the character her party is themed upon. So far, we have had – Fifi (Fifi and the Flowertots UK cartoon), Minnie Mouse, Fairy, Mermaid and Cinderella. Throughout the year, she hinted to me about a Pink Pirate, Jessie (the Toy Story Cowgirl), Strawberry Shortcake and Mulan. But now, nothing less than an Angry Birds party will do!

Well, I don’t mind at all! Seems like a great creative challenge for me. The internet’s full of creative ideas (I just found out) and I am trying to get my own creative juices flowing. Official party supplies are lacking, but 6 year olds don’t seem to care much about them anyways. I am going to wait for another couple of weeks to see if she changes her mind. After last year’s Cinderella-Toy Story debacle, I have learned a lesson. But that won’t stop me from looking around and getting inspired in the meanwhile. The BIRD is officially the WORD this year at the TOKHI household this season!