A sand cake to celebrate Daddy's birthday on the Beach

A ‘Sand Cake’ for a Birthday Beach Vacation

My husband’s birthday turned really special this year with our decision to elope (with the kids in tow) for a week-long beach vacation in Goa. But what gave it a really unique twist was the kids’ idea to make a ‘Sand Cake’ for him! Together with their newly made friend – Sasha, who was visiting […]

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DIY Fifi and the Flowertots Birthday Card Front

Fifi and the Flowertots Invitation Idea

My DIY ‘Fifi and the Flowertots’ themed invitation card for my daughter’s first birthday was one requiring computer graphic skills. Here’s the idea! When my daughter turned 1, they used to air ‘Fifi and the Flowertots’ on our TVs. Fifi and the Flowertots is a British cartoon series and girls will easily fall in love […]

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Easy, DIY Angry Birds Playable Birthday Cake

Here’s a very simple way to make a ‘Playable’ Angry Birds Cake. I did for my daughter’s 6th birthday. It is pretty simple as I was looking for a cake that did not exhaust me since I had a newborn to take care of. Step 1. Preparing a Long Base Create a long rectangular cake […]

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Sammy Boy's Winnie the Pooh Birthday Cake for his 2nd Birthday Party

Sameer’s Winnie the Pooh 2nd Birthday

Sammy turned TWO! As always, I was as excited about throwing yet another birthday party as I was about seeing my little boy growing up. Our theme for his second birthday party was ‘Winnie the Pooh’. We were torn between ‘Elmo’ and ‘Pooh’, but ‘Pooh’ seemed to be a tad bit more of a favorite […]

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