A sand cake to celebrate Daddy's birthday on the Beach

A ‘Sand Cake’ for a Birthday Beach Vacation

My husband’s birthday turned really special this year with our decision to elope (with the kids in tow) for a week-long beach vacation in Goa. But what gave it a really unique twist was the kids’ idea to make a ‘Sand Cake’ for him! Together with their newly made friend – Sasha, who was visiting […]

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Chocolate Walnut Cake Slices

Egg Free Chocolate Walnut Cake

There is something so comforting about the classic, un-pretentious, homemade chocolate cake that I would, at any given time, trade a fancy plate of dessert for a generous slice of a rich and moist chocolate cake. Add to it walnuts – and you have a winning combination! The chocolate-raisin pair is good for chocolates, but […]

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