A ‘Sand Cake’ for a Birthday Beach Vacation

A sand cake to celebrate Daddy's birthday on the Beach

My husband’s birthday turned really special this year with our decision to elope (with the kids in tow) for a week-long beach vacation in Goa. But what gave it a really unique twist was the kids’ idea to make a ‘Sand Cake’ for him!

Together with their newly made friend – Sasha, who was visiting the beach town from Russia, they put their beach set to good use and ditched the sand castle for a ‘Sand Cake’. My daughter even remembered to grab a candle and matches from our hotel room and sneaked it into my beach bag.

A sand cake to celebrate Daddy's birthday on the Beach

Here they are, with their friend Sasha – busy ‘baking’ the cake. It always amazes me how kids never face any language barriers. Sasha did not speak English and my kids do not speak Russian. And yet, they never seemed to have any problems communicating. God bless all the children of the world!!! They have so much to teach us, if only we would care to learn.

making sand castles

After Daddy Dear ‘cut’ the sand cake with a plastic rake, and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’, the leftovers were stomped upon by the little guests. Here is a quick picture before the aftermath.

sand cake leftovers

In case, you are wondering, the day did not actually progress with as much joy for us. My husband lost his eye glasses in the water and was forced to wear his prescription sunglasses for the next two days until his spare pair of specs (which I had forgotten to pack) was mailed to us. Though he did not let it put a shadow over our trip, we did not feel like leaving the hotel and going to nearby bakery, as planned, to get a real cake.

We continued to have a blast on the beach and the specs arrived shortly. And although there was no real cake on his birthday, Daddy firmly says that this was his best birthday ever!! A week later, we don’t remember most of the lost glasses part. Only happy memories remain and I know for sure why they say – “All is well that ends well”.