Phuket Day 3 – Exploring the Amari Coral, Trip to Patong

Ever since we laid our eyes on the fabulous property of the Amari Coral Beach Resort online and read the details on their website, we had decided to keep aside some time to explore the resort. The 3rd day was the perfect time to do it as the day was for relaxing between two excursions.

Rim Talay Restaurant at Amari - where breakfast was served.

This is the Rim Talay restaurant – one of the most scenic setting ever seen. Buffet breakfast was served here and I really miss the experience of having a fabulous breakfast in this gorgeous setting.

 After breakfast, we set off to the ‘Jetty’. Amari has its own jetty and the road to the jetty is a little excursion in itself. From the Rim Talay, we stepped on to the resort’s private beach.

Amari Coral Beach Resort’s private beach.

The private beach. The fenced path in the distance is the road to jetty and the resort spa.

The Jetty

That’s the jetty as seen from the beach or from our rooms.

The winding road to Amari’s Jetty

The picturesque winding road to Amari’s Jetty with the national forest on the left.

 Nearing the Jetty

 On the jetty

That’s it – the lovely jetty! You can take the steps down the front and start snorkeling right away. Or relax and tan on the sun beds here. Or come here for a romantic dinner in the evening right above the waters of the Andamans!

Amari Coral Beach Resort - view from Jetty

The jetty gave us the full view of our wonderful resort with all sea-facing rooms. And think about this – we are still on the hotel property!

Once  we had explored theresort, we took off for Patong again for our Thai massage at Patong Synergy Massage in the Post Office lane on Patong beach road (opposite Siam Ceramics). The ladies kept our daughter busy with hair braiding and nail art and the little Disney Princessfan was on cloud nine.

Going to Patong Beach from Amari

The lovely road to Patong from Amari resort.

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Patong Beach

 Hair Braiding at Patong Synergy Massage   Nail Art at Patong Synergy Massage

After the massage, we strolled to the other side of the Patong Beach Road – the Rat-U-Thit road famous for shopping. We did not shop since we were to go to Bangkok which is much cheaper. We stepped into Jungceylon mall and bought some Phuket souvenirs (sand art candles) and had homemade ice-cream.

Jungceylon Mall

Jungceylon Mall - Inside

Jungceylon mall on Rat-U-Thit Road

We had lunch on Rat-U-Thit road, shopped at one of the ‘Family Mart’ stores for water and some other stuff and returned to the resort in a Tuk-Tuk. Dinner was room service Pizza from La Gritta that we had become addicted to. La Gritta and the Jetty (turned into a diner in the evenings) glowed with beautiful lights and we could see them from our room every day.

La Gritta Italian Restaurant at Amari, with Jetty in backdrop

‘La Gritta’ Italian restaurant – and Jetty seen far behind