Getting Immediate Traffic to your New Website

SEO is the best thing to do in order to bring loads of traffic to your new website, but it does not give immediate results. You will have wait till search engines index you properly and most important, give you good rankings. It is, in short, a long-term measure. So how do you bring immediate traffic to your website? Here are some tried and tested ways:

1. Immediate Traffic Without Spending a Dime

  1. The best thing to do is join related forums and start posting with your website address in your signature.
  2. The next best thing would be to hold a contest and submit it for free to contest directories. You can read more about holding and promoting contests in my previous post ‘Contests are great promotion tools for content sites

2. Immediate Traffic by Spending Some $$

  1. Start a contest as we talked about earlier in this post and this time, submit it to contest directories as ‘paid or featured listings’. That will be sure to drive in a lot of traffic.
  2. Start a Pay-per-click campaign at Google Adwords, Overture etc. by choosing keywords which cost less.
  3. Purchase ezine ads in ezines/newsletters related to your niche.

3. Immediate traffic by Spending a Fortune

  1. The first thing you should jump to, if you have the money in your pocket, is to set up a nice PPC campaign.
  2. Send out a paid Press Release (choose the $80 level and add a couple more $10 to add more value) at
  3. Purchase advertising on websites as well as ezines related to your niche.
  4. Spend some money on offline promotion.